Mr. Adarsh Surendranath

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A young and dynamic Gastroenterologist and Endoscopist, Dr. Adarsh Surendranath is attached with Billorth Hospital and Vijaya Hospital in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. He is a firm believer of giving importance to the human aspect of medicine and approaching his patients with warmth and sincerity. He supports his work ethics with broad range of his capabilities and interests. Dr. Adarsh Surendranath strongly believes in making communication with his patient open ended and at honest level. He... [+]

Prevalence of Hepatitis B and C in alcohol dependant patients in a University hospital in South India. (2009-10).
Co-authorof 'A male patient with right-sided thoracic kidney, diabetes mellitus, hearing loss and renal dysfunction' : International Urology and Nephrology 02/2007;39(3):959-962.
Cardiac dysfunction in continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis patients and its correlation with adequacy of dialysis and biochemical parameters including BNP: Indian Journal of Peritoneal Dialysis 04/2008; 17-23.
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